What We Feel, What We Eat

October 1, 2010 at 3:58 PM (LiveFit, Nutrition)

First, let me preface this with an apology. For some reason the site is having issues with approving comments. I tried to make them auto approve, but it needs a previously approved comment, and every time I go to approve them it says it cannot update comment status. Hoping it’s a minor glitch that will be fixed soon, else I’ll send a note off to support.


My father died, alone in his home, at the beginning of August. He was found there on August 12. I flew out there the following Monday and I was gone for three weeks. During this time, I helped my Aunt and Uncle (He was executor and had power of attorney), we cleaned the house out with the help of some dear friends of my fathers who lived across the street. This was the home I spent my late teenage years in, the mobile home on five acres of land in beautiful California countryside. I wanted to be there to help with the cleanup, as well as have my final goodbyes, to both my father, and the home we shared.

Grief is a powerful thing. When I was grieving over the death of my father, I didn’t care what I ate. I didn’t care about blood sugar, blood pressure, painful knees, bad back. Food was comfort and I needed comfort. The way I felt when I got home, however, made me realize that the moments of comfort I felt were not enough to outweigh the terrible bloating, physical aching that I felt after I got home. I regretted those moments of sugary, decadent treats, and fast food. That’s when I made the choice not to let grief push me into self-destructive choices. That’s when I started going back to the gym, and looking for ways to improve my health.

That’s when I found LiveFit. And this is where I’m going to sound like an infomercial, but the truth is, it changed my life.  LiveFit Revolution is one of those places that at first, sounds way too good to be true. Free of charge, a program that eliminates the obstacles that most people face. Everything one needs for the nutrition plan is available at the local grocer. No special foods/shakes/supplements, and the only piece of workout equipment is a kettlebell. Perhaps a pair of fingerless gloves too, to avoid calluses.  How can I go wrong when this is laid out in front of me like a shiny, sparkly Christmas present?  So I signed up. At first the nutrition plan looked daunting. Restrictive!  But then I started reading recipes and tips and suggestions, and thought, I can live with this.  I’m almost done with week three, and I’ve lost a total of 9 pounds. First week was just under 5, second week I gained a couple pounds (REALLY poor choices made one weekend when I couldn’t sleep), and this week I was back down 4 pounds.  The workouts are hard, the nutrition plan is restrictive for the first six weeks, but is it worth it? Yes. Is it hard? Totally. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy in my experience.

The bad part is, I have a knee issue, and it’s flared up with some of the exercises. The sunny side of that is, Alysia Gadson, our trainer, is VERY good at offering suggestions for alternate exercises that give as much calorie burn with no stress on the knee. So while the daily workout may call for squats, I can do deadlifts instead. If a set requires squat/Deadlift/swing, then I change the squat to something else. A clean or extra lifts or extra swings, or even rows. It’s not hard, the soreness doesn’t last long, and determination is a sure sign of potential for success.

Now, originally I was going to talk about food, but I had to preface with a bit of info about LiveFit. One of the members who is in the gym this season posted a video that was a total eye opener. Ever hear the phrase “You Are What You Eat”?  Take a look at this:

Do you know how many times I’ve gone to McDonalds for two cheeseburgers (add mayo!) and a supersize fry? Too many to count. No wonder I weigh 300 pounds (296 as of this past Monday! WHEE) .. this food just doesn’t break down as real food should. Makes me think twice about hitting the drive-thru. Please don’t ever ask me to try this with food from Jack in the Box. I’m in love with the tacos there. Heh.

Truly though, food has become an exploration of creativity with me since starting this new plan. I am totally enjoying coming up with new recipes and trying recipes that folks share on the LiveFit site.

Now to figure out what to make for supper. I probably should post my recipe for Coconut-Lime Tilapia, but that can wait for another post.


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  1. Captain Angelia said,

    O.M….G!!!!! I can’t beLIEVE that!!! EEEEEEEEEEWW!!!! *shudders* *gags* I will have to keep that mental image. Maybe it’ll stop me from wanting ANY fast food … except subway sammiches.

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