Monday Weigh-In

October 4, 2010 at 2:32 PM (LiveFit, Nutrition, WeighIn)

I had a visit to the doctor last week, and my weight showed a gain from what my Monday Morning weigh in showed. But then I was wearing different clothes and had had breakfast and an afternoon snack by that time. At home, when I weigh in, I’m in pajamas, no shoes, and I’ve eaten nothing, and .. pardon the details .. gone to the bathroom to empty myself.  Seeing a gain on the doctor scale was discouraging, but I know better now that I’m weighing myself every Monday morning. I was remarkably pleased with this morning’s weigh-in. You see, I was prepared for the worst, because yesterday we took my father in law and brother in law to a steakhouse buffet for dinner. I figured I could handle it,  I would be fine and make the right choices.

The salad was boring, everything I chose was everything I could eat at home. So my determination waned. Now, I was ‘good’ in my splurge, I had two corn tortilla chips with taco meat, no sour cream. I had more than my 3 oz of steak allotment. And my seating was not ideal. I was directly facing the dessert bar. My gosh that chocolate cake looked so good.. and I’m not a chocolate lover. Needless to say, I did go to the dessert bar. I had the tiniest of chocolate brownie, a small scoop of the whipped mousse dessert, a sliver of that German chocolate cake, and about two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.  Turns out that German chocolate cake did NOT taste as good as it looked. The brownie, on the other hand, did. So did the ice cream. I was ashamed of myself for those bad decisions. I was prepared for a weight GAIN this morning.

I lost 2.9 pounds this week. My first thought was NOT “See I can binge and still lose weight” like it might have been in the past.. nope. My first thought was “Gosh, how much MORE could I have lost if I hadn’t eaten all that sugar and fat?” To me, this is progress. Progress means my mindset is changing, which is really the key to good success in weight loss. There were better choices for me if I wanted dessert, and those better choices for me would have resulted in an even better number on the scale.

This week, my goal is to not splurge at all, not even the tiniest bit. This week, I aim to do every workout I’m supposed to with LiveFit Revolution.  Jason and Alysia have given us this gift, free of charge, at their own cost, I should be more respectful of that and give it my all. That’s what I will do this week. Give it my all.

I think I may try turning my Coconut-Lemon Tilapia recipe into a Chicken dish for some variety tonight. Or perhaps my Sesame recipe. Whichever, I’ll plan on posting the recipe soon.


  1. Angelia said,

    Sometimes … it is so easy to say “Just one little bite … it won’t hurt!” I feel ya. Totally feel ya. When around others who are not watching what they eat, it’s very easy to be a “social eater”.

    • sarianastar said,

      Food can be as much of a drug as alcohol is to an alcoholic, or coke is to a junkie. That’s what so many people just don’t realize.

  2. CeeCee said,

    Good for you for having that much of a loss as well as the good thought when seeing it. It’s sometimes too easy to say that it’s ok to splurge instead of looking at it the way you did.

    I think it’s a very good sign of the change you are making in your thoughts as well as your habits. Getting them both in sync will come in time. Keep up the good work!

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