Little Struggles vs Little Victories

October 6, 2010 at 10:06 PM (Motivation)

Anyone who is on a plan for major life improvement can tell you, every day is a series of struggles. The balance comes when you have just about as many victories. Life improvement can be trying to organize your home. A new parent trying to learn how to adjust to the changes that come with having a child. An alcoholic struggling to stay clean and sober. I use this example, because for those of us who struggle with food addiction, it’s as real as any other addiction can be. Food is my most common struggle, and it happens every single day, no matter what.

The little victories though, they make those struggles easier to bear. Easier to overcome and not give into and let them overcome you. How do you do that though? It’s certainly easier to say than to do. Making each day less of a struggle is harder than it sounds on paper. For me, the number one help in these struggles, is having a support system who can either understand, or who can at least respect and support me even if they don’t understand.  Or both.

I’m so fortunate in life. I have both. I have a husband who loves me, who wants to see me succeed in my every day battle to become a healthier human being. He tries so hard to walk this path with me, and while he can’t do it 100%, his support and love is exactly that. 100%.  I also have a group of people, both men and women, who are walking this journey with me. Who are suffering these same struggles every single day. Even those who have come so very far in their weight loss journey, have lost 50, 60 or 70 pounds, they STILL have the struggle every single day with food, motivation, exercise.

I’m grateful that even when they’ve reached such huge milestones, they are still there. They are still a part of the program, they still share their daily experiences, motivate with their daily successes and seek support by sharing their daily struggles. Everyone has to find this for themselves. Whether with LiveFit Revolution (My personal choice), Weight Watchers, a gym program, a medical weight loss center, or even some kind of bariatric surgery, you’re going to face struggles every single day. They may be super minor, and the victories may come to outweigh the struggles. It’s how we handle each struggle that determines if we’ll be successful in our journey.

I am in the middle of week 4 of the program I’m on. I’ve had considerable struggles. But today, I am so proud to say my victories are becoming more frequent. I hope those who are in support of me know how grateful I am to them, and for those who might be inspired or motivated by me, I’m so happy to be able to inspire. 🙂


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