Faith, and God’s will in my life.

October 16, 2010 at 12:47 PM (Motivation, Religion)

Everybody has their own struggles in life. I’m certainly not the only one. Not everyone wishes to share theirs on a public forum though, and I respect that. To be honest, it’s taken me a LOT of years to feel comfortable enough to put my own struggles up here as I am in this blog.  I mean, my whole life is made up of “Why would anyone want to listen to me? I’m nobody special.”

The truth is, we’re all somebody special. We’re all here on this Earth for some reason. God chose to put us here. The struggle comes in figuring out why. Is my purpose here to help motivate and teach? Is my purpose here to be taught? Somewhere in the middle? Can I someday be one of those people who I NOW look up to for advice and encouragement? Of course. Will it be through this blog? Who knows… all I know is that being here, helping to motivate by sharing my own struggles feels right to me.

I often think of God’s will. Is it His will that I’m overweight and suffer the struggle with food that I have my entire life? I’m not so sure about that. God only controls us so much. Otherwise why would He have given us Free Will? He lets us make our own choices, and when we ask for guidance, He gives it, in His own way. Not everyone can see what He is asking them to do, though. It isn’t until this past year that I began seeing God’s work in my life. When I began praying for guidance, He gave it. Gladly, I’d like to think. He guided me to the right Church, to meet the right people, to give me the right opportunities that I may find my way in this world, with a greater purpose than to simply exist.

I think my health issues are part of that. My weight issues. Think about it. Everyone who speaks publicly to motivate and advise, they’ve succeeded in some way, overcome some great obstacles. Think about contestants on The Biggest Loser. The ones who maybe didn’t win in the end, but went on with their successes to share them. I have friended many past contestants on Facebook and follow blogs, and gain insight and motivation from them. Was it their destiny in life to become the person they are now? I believe it was God’s plan. Not everyone will see it that way though. Faith is a very personal and individual thing.

It wasn’t that long ago that I turned my nose up at anyone trying to witness to me. I hated that they were ‘forcing’ their views on me. “I have my own personal relationship with God, nobody should try to push their religion in my face.”  Now, to some extent I still feel that way, but no longer am I shy about sharing my experiences and my beliefs. I don’t expect anyone to follow along with me, nor will I push my religion onto anyone, but I will share it. I will give it to anyone who wishes to share it, willingly and lovingly. I will respect those who don’t wish to hear about it or talk about it. God will find His way into the hearts of those who believe.

I truly believe that God helped to guide me into a healthier way of life. He’s helping me to find the problems and fix them. He is forgiving when I falter, as are those who are my supporters and friends. I am grateful for the true, close friends I have in my life, who respect me, support me and love me, regardless of any differences in religious or political views. We are all unique and nobody should expect anyone to think or feel exactly like them. What a boring world this would be, if it were like that, don’tcha think? 🙂

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  1. Captain Angelia said,

    Have you heard of this book: “Joni: An Unforgettable Story” by Joni Eareckson Tada? I think you might like it. Of course, keep in mind that I’m not particularly religious. I wouldn’t call myself an atheist … considering that I don’t DISbelieve. But … I also am not a 100% believer (if you know what I mean). But … I am like you. I don’t like it when others push their religion on me. I tried going to church in the past, but I was more UNcomfortable than anything else. So … when the times comes … I will more than likely witness alone. I do like listening to the stories of others though. 🙂 And I love reading your blog. Keep it up!

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