Give Me Liberty….

November 22, 2010 at 2:16 PM (Exercise, LiveFit, Motivation, Nutrition, WeighIn)

For me, liberty is liberty from the struggle I’ve suffered my entire life. My weight.  I have no grand tragedy that turned me to food. All I know is that it’s been a source of comfort for me most of my life. Food comes into play when I’m bored. When I’m sad. When I’m HAPPY. It’s always there, no matter what. Go to a party, there’s food. Go on a date with my husband, there’s food. Visit friends for an afternoon, there’s food. Go to a holiday event, there’s food.  We are a society built on consumption. Food is EVERYWHERE.  It’s not like a hundred years ago where you had to milk your own cow or pluck your own chicken. Obesity is so common, because food is so common. Even those struggling to make ends meet can come up with a buck or two for a McDonald’s value menu burger.  When I was living in Grand Rapids in the 90’s, I could get burgers for 39 cents. And in Michigan, you can cash in aluminum cans for a dime apiece. Four cans  for a burger? Sure. Who cares if those calories are mostly non-nutritious… poor people can eat meat and cheese and bread, and not spend a ton of money for it.

I have had my days of living on the streets, and I didn’t go hungry.  50 years ago I would have starved, and probably lost a lot of weight living on the streets. Nowadays, I live a comfortable life. We’re a single income family of two. I stopped working some years back, due to no longer being able to handle physically, the demands of a retail management position.  Which caused me to put on more weight, and my diabetes began to cause problems with my feet.  So I was less active and gained more weight. I never fully grasped how to manage my nutrition in a way that would benefit me, rather than be detrimental to my health.

So how do I now grasp liberation from the vicious cycle that has held me in its ever so relentless grasp?  I’m going to sound like a commercial now, because it is truly a program that has saved my life.  LiveFit Revolution was posted by Shay Sorrells of Biggest Loser fame, to her Facebook. I’ve always admired Shay, she’s had a lifelong struggle, and she found a way to change her life, through The Biggest Loser.  She also had the blessing of having Alysia Gadson as her trainer, and now they are very close friends.  I feel I have a shared blessing in now knowing Alysia and knowing what a generous, giving person she is.  She and Jason Lilly have taken their money, their time, their credit cards, and started a program that is completely free of charge.  It takes away all the obstacles that I have had my whole life. Can’t afford a personal trainer, don’t want to spend a ton of time in a gym where I don’t truly know what I’m doing. I live in Michigan, it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to go for walks. I don’t know how to manage my nutrition to benefit me in an exercise program. All of these things are the obstacles that I have personally experienced.  What did LiveFit give me? A nutrition plan that uses what is already in my refrigerator. An exercise program that requires a small ball of iron with a handle. That’s IT. The workouts are online. The nutrition plan is emailed to me. ALL my questions are answered on the LiveFit forums, or through email to Jason and Alysia. I’ve had no problems with this plan. My only problems come in my own lack of self discipline. To succeed one must be fully committed to that success.

Now, I will be the first to say, not everyone will find this plan to their liking. Just like not everyone will find Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig, or any other program out there, to their liking.  I’ve tried so MANY programs. None of them have been what I needed to motivate and educate me, until LiveFit.

This month, I had the most amazing experience. It was truly life changing for me.  Over on the LiveFit forums, some of the people who are local or close to Philly decided to meet up for lunch, or dinner, or coffee, or something. Soon more and more people started talking about flying to join in, and eventually it became a full fledged LiveFit event.  It was affectionately named LiveFit Liberty Weekend.  Jason and Alysia flew out, then took a road trip in a rental car to various members homes, did video workouts and interviews, had dinner with them and then everyone who could arrange it arrived in Philadelphia by way of planes, trains and automobiles. Literally.  Jason worked with the Residence Inn Philadelphia Airport to get us an amazing group rate. They accommodated us and were so helpful and generous, I was so impressed with the customer service they provided.

Friday night we had a presentation from Jason about the Past, Present and Future of LiveFit, then a Q&A session and pow-wow. The next morning we all arose and met up in the hotel meeting room at 7am for a morning Kettlebell workout. That workout is on video and on the website (I’ll give the URL’s below).  It was an amazing workout, and it was so great to be in person with our trainer, to ask questions and get advice on how to improve our form. We’ve been doing these workouts at home, with no one-on-one advice, so this was a blessing.  After our workout, we had breakfast in the hotel, then adjourned to our rooms to shower and change for sight seeing.

We had the best day.  We all went to Independence Hall as a group for a tour, then we tried to go see the Liberty Bell, but the lines were so very long, we simply admired it through the window. From there, we split into two groups, and the group I was in went to Eastern State Penitentiary.  Before that though, we had lunch at Cosi. My group included Alysia, Jason was in the other group, so it was kind of nice to have social time with them on a low-key level.

The prison was amazing. I learned a great deal about the prison system they used, which is quite different than that of Alcatraz. That was the only historic prison I was familiar with before this.

After sight seeing, we returned to the hotel for some relaxation and much deserved rest. The hotel has kitchenettes in each room, fully stocked with pots and pans, utensils and dishes, so quite a few of us cooked our favourite LiveFit friendly recipes, and we gathered in the breakfast room with our creations to share new foods. It was a wonderful buffet of healthy, organic, nutritious recipes, which included dessert as well.

Sunday morning we met up at 8:30am to head over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. AKA the Rocky Stairs.  This was our cardio workout for the weekend.  Personally I proved to myself that I could handle a lot more than I thought, and that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

Now, when I’m feeling lazy, I have got to remember the feeling I had after finishing those stairs. I was floating on clouds for days afterwards. It was a most amazing feeling.


Today is Monday, which is weigh-in day. I’m down another two pounds, but the thing that makes me smile most of all is realizing that I am 31 pounds down from my heaviest weight ever. I lost 8 of that on my own.  With LiveFit, in the last three months I’ve lost the remaining 23 pounds.  One week at a time, sometimes one day at a time. It can be done with commitment and hard work.  If you’re struggling with this as I have my whole life… I hope you find the program that’s right for you. I could not have done this on my own.

Thanks be to LiveFit Revolution. – The main website – Philly Kettlebell Workout – Rocky Stairs Cardio Workout – The Picasa web album. Pictures that I took as well as other people’s pictures I put in here as well.  Enjoy!


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  1. supremeczarina said,

    I am SO proud of you! And so inspired. xo

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